For the working people of WNC

Chris Walters

For North Carolina State Senate District 48

Politics and electing good people to government is a way to promote the common good.

Elected officials make the laws, set the tax rates, and shape the legal system. 

Almost every part of our lives is affected by the votes of our elected officials. If we want to have a voice, we have to participate to influence the outcome of elections.

Government can't do everything, but it can do lots of things to make people's lives better.

Here are my priorities 

Make broadband accessible to rural areas. 

Conserve and protect farm land and open space. 

Stop government control of women's healthcare decisions. 

Provide affordable and accessible healthcare to all. 

Support early childhood education. 

Teach real American history and fully fund public schools. 

Protect the right to vote and support competitive voting districts.  

District 48 Map

Public Schools are for the Public Good

The Henderson County Democratic Party supports Public Schools during the Apple Festival Parade on Labor Day 2023 

District 48 Counties




Public Schools 

Highest employer in our counties 

Drivers of economic development  

Supporting working families

Stability and security for our communities

There are 49 public schools and 22,000 students in NC Senate District 48.

Investment in public schools creates stable jobs and promotes economic security that supports local businesses.

Restoring communication 

Good attitude

Likes talking to people 

Sharing issues 

Knowledge, facts, and history 

Impact of politics on our lives  

Government can do good things 

I believe we can make politics better by talking and listening to each other in good faith.

I’m open and accessible and I like people.

I like hearing their stories about who they are and what they want to accomplish in their lives.

I can read and listen and take in lots of information and then make that available to people.

I like the challenge of making visible what is hard to see. That is particularly important now when politics is so noisy and filled with misinformation.

My special niche is local and state politics. I go to public meetings (school board, county commission, and city council) and speak at meetings, and sometimes just go listen and observe.

Chris talking city politics with community member, John Moore 

Chris talking city politics with community member John Moore 

Chris at Rally for Science 2017 

Chris at Rally for Science 2017 


Theory of natural selection 


Heliocentric Theory



Germ Theory 

Light Bulb 



Not a book banner

Not a book banner

More about Chris

Chris grew up in Hendersonville and attended public schools and Immaculata School.  He attended the University of Notre Dame and then, after two years left college to work and travel. After 8 years, Chris enrolled at UNC-Asheville and graduated with a history degree and teaching certificate. When he was in elementary school, Chris began a life-long interest in music, art, and poetry, and the study of nature.

Before Chris  became a teacher, he worked as a construction worker, a janitor, one year as an attendant in a psychiatric hospital, a groundskeeper in a cemetery, and a restaurant worker.  In the 1970s, he travelled north and worked for two years on the Alaska oil pipeline at a work camp at Isabel Pass south of Fairbanks. He was a member of Alaska Laborers Union local 942 and learned the value of good union representation. Besides getting workers high wages, the union looked out for their health and well-being while working on dangerous jobs.

Professionally, Chris worked in education for 34 years. This includes 8 years in Migrant Head Start and 26 years as a teacher in elementary and middle school (15 years as 8th grade English Language Arts teacher.) Chris has worked persistently for higher teacher pay and better funding for schools.

Chris is one of twelve children. Seven of his brothers and sisters live in Western North Carolina.  

Democrats for democracy

 MAGA tried to overthrow the constitutional order. They cannot be trusted. Vote them out. 

For the first time in our history an American president and his allies obstructed the peaceful and orderly transfer of power. Vote them out.

The attacks on judges, the judicial system, and election workers was unprecedented. Restore honorable government. Vote them out. 

No one is above the law

Make your resistance visible.

Being out on the streets makes everyone safer. 

Equal justice under the law. 

2020 was the most secure election in USA history.  

Restore our rights 




Bodily autonomy 



Human rights 


Equal Protection of the Law 





Pursuit of happiness 

Self Determination 

Women can make their own healthcare decisions  

We the People 




Chris supports Women's Rights






Thank you, Farmers! 

Public Schools are for the Public Good!

Your Vote Matters!

Democrats for Social Security and Medicare!

Women's Rights!